Apply for a Yes All Witches Grant

Yes All Witches Grants are micro-grants currently distributed to women and minorities within the Wizard Rock community. The goal is to continue to promote intersectional feminist ideals and also encourage our community to grow and evolve. Each grant recipient will receive up to $100 to put towards creating new, diverse Wizard Rock and releasing it into this world.

From November 14, 2016 to January 17 2017  applications will be open.


Step 1: Pick your format

We LOVE creativity, so we've chosen to keep our applications as flexible as possible. We'd love to see videos, songs, essays, even visual art to help explain why you'd love to receive a YAW grant. The only requirements are that you answer these questions with your submission: How would receiving a Yes All Witches grant impact you and your art? What does your voice and your story bring to the fandom?

Step 2: Submit your application

Our application is now LIVE on this very website! Submit your application between now and January 17th to be considered. We'll take about a month to go through the decision process. Once we know who our first recipient(s) is/are, we will notify them by email and then announce on social media.




Step 3: Support your fandom

Whether you are chosen for a Yes All Witches grant or not, or just a fan who would like to support our cause, you can always support a more diverse, open fandom! Attend a wizard rock show, encourage your favorite conferences to invite more diverse artist, or even donate to the YAW Grant Project.

If you would like to contribute to YAW Grants now, you can shop at with our coupon code YESALLWITCHES10 to save 10% and donate a portion of your purchase to YAW Grants!